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Do we need a progressive lens?

What are the progressive lens?

Progressive lenses, also called multifocal lenses, progressive addition lenses (PAL), varifocal lenses, progressive power lenses, graduated prescription lenses, or progressive spectacle lenses are corrective lenses used in eyeglasses to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. Magnifying power is added for intermediate and near vision so that progressive lens could be used both for reading and distance.

Advantages of progressive lens

Many people who are over 40 start wearing multifocal eyeglasses due to a kind of aging change in the eye called presbyopia which decreases our ability to see clearly up close. Progressive has its own benefits as follows, first, it provides clear vision at all distances.

Next, it eliminates frustrating “image jump” caused by bifocals, that is, objects abruptly change in clarity and apparent position when your eyes move across the visible lines in these lenses.

Last but not least, without visible “bifocal lines” in progressive lenses, they give you a more youthful appearance and make you see more clearly.  

Rectangle & Blue 
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Cat & Purple
Butterfly 190313011
Oval / Cat & Blue
Slackey tr190842 provides progressive lenses with multiple refractive forces across the lens. Also, we offer a special coupon code SPR20 for lens 20% off and frames 20% off. Use it to buy yourself a pair of progressive lenses immediately.


chic glasses frames

Why does every woman need a pair of Cat-eye glasses?

Careful observation, it is not difficult to find that the focus of the popularity of the last two years, mostly with the cute cats. Like last year’s big fire cat heel shoe, still, have AW to appear the cat design of each big fashionable brand, stylist people as if at the same time immersed in cat circle. That’s not all, of course, but if you’ve invaded the fashion world, you’ve got to do it right. The retro cat eyeglasses of the 1950s are back in fashion.

Source of Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses were first made popular by Marilyn Monroe, In the movie “How To Marry A Millionaire”, Monroe plays a nearsighted girl who is ashamed to wear glasses, but accidentally puts on cat-eye glasses and turns herself into a fashionable girl. With their pointed corners and retro elegance, these sunglasses were especially popular in the 1950s. The goddesses of that time were quite fond of this shape of glasses.

Does the cat-eye glasses frame fit me? It’s perfect for everyone if you’re willing to try!

Chioma Nnadi, fashion news director at, says the cat-eye frame works on almost any face.‘ this is a universally flattering shape, with the proportions of the cat’s eyes accentuating the high cheekbones. There’s something distinctly sexy about cat glasses.”If you want to go a bit more retro, try cat – eyeglasses with round lenses. For example, we have the following glasses of SLLAC:

The world’s cat-eye glasses are not all the same, different shapes show different styles. The cat-eye glasses of flying model a bit arrogant, just with these small accessories can win. But this shape is very flattering to the face shape, because it visually extends across the face, allowing the long face to be balanced.

The cat-eye frames of the square outline also are very welcome, deserve to go up extremely contracted dress, model the fashionable feeling of modern city female, cool quite a have aura field.Check out SLLAC’s SS collection:


Nosepads VS UniversalBridgeFit Which one should you choose?

Are you confused about whether to buy glasses with nosepieces or UniversalBridgeFit when you buy glasses online? This blog will teach you to choose the right nosepiece type.

Nosepad is an attachment that allows your glasses to be supported on your nose. Nosepads can be adjusted to suit your needs. A prismatic effect will occur if your vision is not in the center of the lens. Over time, this can cause eye fatigue and worse eyesight. The lenses too close to the eye will lead to blurred vision.

The material of the nosepiece will be softer than the UniversalBridgeFit glasses, reducing the pressure on the nose bridge. The silicone material of the nosepiece will also have a specific anti-slip effect.

If you have trouble with your glasses slipping, it is likely, that your nose bridge is not high enough to support your glasses. Then glasses with nose pads will be better for you. If you have trouble with the lower edge of your glasses touching your cheeks, then it is also the case that the bridge of your nose is not high enough to keep the lenses away from your face.

Those with a high enough nose bridge can buy glasses with UniversalBridgeFit. The height of the bridge of the nose is the height of the nose bulge between the eyes. High bridges can have nose pad glasses, which need to adjust as mentioned above.

Since the nose pads have these adjustable features, the most suitable glasses for online shopping are those with nose pads. Because there are many parameters to consider in eyeglasses, nosepieces that can be adjusted will allow the glasses to fit the face better.

I hope this blog will help you with your online eyeglasses shopping. You can also check out our other blogs if you have further questions.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

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A point that cannot be ignored when choosing a frame

Nowadays, most people find it very cheap and convenient to buy glasses online. But did you know that choosing a suitable frame is more crucial than selecting lenses? Even if you buy expensive lenses, frames that don’t fit are a waste of money.

About the recommended choice of glasses size, I believe we have seen many people have done the relevant strategy. Choose the one with or without nosepieces; choose metal glasses or plate glasses. We have related content in the previous blog. If you need please check

But the most crucial thing is not mentioned in most guides. That is the pupil height. Pupil height is the vertical distance from the lower edge of your glasses to the centre of your pupil. Most merchants will set the pupil height at the centre of the lens by default. Those who buy online will need to choose their frame styles carefully.

Is pupil height that important? The answer is yes. Pupil height is essential. An accurate pupil height ensures that your vision stays in the centre of the lens, and the centre of the lens is where your prescription is. If you are out of the centre of the lens, then the prescription will be inaccurate. If you wear your glasses in a low or high position for a long time, you will experience vision fatigue.

So how do you get your eyes to always look out of the centre of the lenses? The answer is to choose the right frame. Choose the appropriate bridge to ensure that the glasses on the bridge of the nose will not easily slide off and the height is accurate. Choose the right length of the temples and width of the frame to ensure that the glasses do not slip forward. Make the glasses as light as possible so they don’t slide down due to weight. If the glasses are without a nose rest, you must choose the correct width of the nose bridge. Too wide will make the glasses position low.

As long as you choose the right frame with care, it is easy to find the right style for your pupil height. And with all the exact size values available online. If you shop at, our customer service will help you select the right style. We will also provide a return opportunity if you don’t find it suitable after receiving it.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

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Why cat eye glasses are the most recommended?

Maybe you’ve read a lot of tips on what face shapes fit what style frames, but you may not have found this thing. Cat-eye glasses styles are wearable for most face shapes.

Many people may think the cat-eye style is too exaggerated for everyday wear. There are many variants of cat-eye styles. For example, the top edge curved upward type is also considered a cat-eye. The cat-eye style is the best choice for people who need to lift their faces because of its upward slanting effect. So, which face shapes are particularly suitable for cat eye glasses?

  1. Round face
    The round face mentioned here includes an oval face and a round face. As the overall curve of a round face is relatively round and full, cat eye glasses can visually block the rounded lines of the face and increase the sharpness. It is a perfect choice for those who want a mature style.
  2. Long face
    If your face is long and you want to make your face look visually smaller through eyeglasses, cat eye glasses can do that very well. Especially the oversized cat-eye glasses can make the face compact. It can block the face’s upper and lower area and make it look smaller.
  3. Inverted triangle or diamond-shaped face
    The advantage of this face shape is that they have a sharp chin. The outwardly convex cat-eye frame shape can modify the width of the face. The benefits of a pointed chin can also be well highlighted.
  4. Square face
    The bottom half of a square face tends to look bigger than the top half, so it is vital to enhance the top half’s visual proportion; in addition, the height of the top and bottom of the frame should not be too long.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

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What happens when you wear only anti-blue light glasses for a long time?

With the increasing popularity of anti-blue light lenses, more and more people are opting for anti-blue light lenses. But can anti-blue light glasses be your only type of glasses? The answer is no. Wearing only anti-blue light lenses for a long time harms your eyes.

Proper use of anti-blue light glasses can reduce part of the blue light and help improve the quality of our sleep, and many studies have corroborated this. For example, a medical trial at the University of Houston recruited 22 subjects aged 17-42 to participate in a survey of wearing yellow anti-blue light glasses for about 4 hours (from approximate sunset to bedtime) for 2 weeks. After analysis by saliva testing, their melatonin levels increased significantly by 58% during the night. Some subjects who had poorer sleep quality improved after the experiment period.

This shows that wearing anti-blue light glasses is very important. Although anti-blue light glasses are good, studies have shown that we cannot wear anti-blue light glasses 24 hours a day. What are the uncomfortable reactions of the body to prolonged blue light protection for the eyes?

Such use can cause a decrease in the concentration of melatonin secreted by the pineal gland. A related research paper published jointly in 2016 by the Neurology Center in Glostrup, Denmark, the Danish Sleep Medicine Center, and the Center for Clinical Neurophysiology evaluated different sleep conditions and melatonin levels after one year in people implanted with blue light-filtering IOLs and those implanted with standard IOLs (IOLs), respectively. After one year of surgery, the average 24-hour melatonin levels at the preoperative visit and 1-year follow-up for each IOL group were not different from the regular IOL. Still, the peak melatonin concentration was 50% lower for the blue-filtered IOL than it was one year earlier.

The results of this experiment were a bit surprising, as we would generally expect melatonin concentrations to be higher in blue-filtered IOLs.It means wearing anti-blue light glasses for an extended period, 24 hours a day, would probably give the same results. Melatonin is an essential hormone regulating our biological clock (circadian rhythm). A decrease in secretion means that our otherwise stable circadian rhythm becomes disturbed, making our sleep quality worse, affecting height development and immunity, which can lead to other health problems. This is when the improper use of anti-blue light glasses may turn what was originally eye protection into eye harm.

We have to use anti-blue light glasses correctly, only when using the computer cell phone wear, no longer other than the moment anti-blue light, do not wear anti-blue light glasses for a long time. Do not let yourself in a low blue light environment all day. Thus having access to natural light in the highest peak blue light, non-imaging visual cells ipRGC can perceive changes in the intensity of blue light throughout the day. Maintain sensitivity to the power of blue light and the pineal gland’s accurate judgment to secrete melatonin promptly.

So the conclusion is to wear anti-blue light glasses when you need to look at the electronic screen for a long time. And when you do not look at electronic screens, try to choose clear lens glasses.


How to solve the problem of uncomfortable glasses – from a 10-year eyeglass wearer

People with lousy eyesight spend more effort on their eyes than ordinary people. Some choose to wear contact lenses for aesthetic reasons. Others may have surgery so they can remove their glasses for good. But I’m sure we’ve all heard about the dangers of wearing contact lenses for a long time. There are also certain risks and conditions associated with corrective eye surgery. We won’t go into the details here. This article will compile some information that long-term eyeglass wearers need to know to help you solve the problem of uncomfortable eyeglasses.

Eye disease

If you are new to wearing glasses and find them uncomfortable, it may not necessarily be a problem with the glasses themselves. You must go to the hospital to check your eyes for conjunctivitis, dry eye, etc. Seeking scientific and practical medical help can be an excellent solution to eye diseases.

Psychological reasons

It is best not to ignore the psychological factor. Especially for adolescents, wearing glasses may be seen as an alien by others. More and more people choose to wear glasses nowadays, and many will use them as fashionable decorations. People are now very tolerant of glasses. Some people may have OCD and be particularly sensitive to wearing things on their faces. Then we recommend such people to find the solution from the following two points we mentioned.

Glasses lens reason

The most important thing to do is ensure that the lenses are prescribed correctly. A professional doctor should test the correct prescription. If your doctor can measure the PD for you, that is best. Because there may be errors when you measure it yourself. Your doctor may advise you on what index lenses to choose, and you should listen to their advice. You can read this blog if you don’t know what index to choose.

Choose a regular and experienced eyeglass manufacturer to buy your glasses. You can choose a local store or professional glasses online store. We do not recommend purchasing low-price glasses from Amazon. Low-priced eyeglasses producers on Amazon are often not professionally qualified and inexperienced and are likely to have quality problems.
You can also choose branded lens merchants for customization, such as Zeiss Essilor. But this is often expensive.

Glasses frame reason

Eyeglasses are a mechanical structure. The right frame can share the weight well and keep the lenses in the correct position.

The width of the frame should not be too wide or too narrow. Narrow frames can make the lens range too small, resulting in too much frame presence. A wide frame will make the pupil distance inaccurate. The pupil and the lens’s centre are inconsistent, leading to visual fatigue.

Choosing whether or not to have a nosepiece according to your situation is essential. For people with a low, collapsed nasal bridge, it is not suitable to bring glasses without nosepieces. Inconsistency between the centre of the lens and the pupil can lead to visual fatigue. Most nose rests are adjustable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Choose glasses with a quality nosepiece material. Cheap plastic nosepieces are not slip-resistant.

Pay attention to the width between the temples of your glasses. The spacing between the temples is too wide to fit the side of the head will cause the glasses to slide easily; the spacing between the temples is too narrow to pinch the head, leading to headaches.

Glasses that are too heavy overall will compress the ears and nose. It is recommended that people who are weight-sensitive choose titanium ultralight glasses for added comfort.

Lenses that are too close to the eyes can lead to unclear vision. You can solve this by adjusting the nose rest.

Choosing the right pair of glasses requires patience and may take some time and money. SLLAC offers a consultation service that will assist you in purchasing the right pair of glasses.

We hope you will all have the right pair of glasses with you.


What glasses are suitable for high prescription?

People with high prescriptions often struggle a lot when shopping for eyeglasses. If you choose unsuitable frame materials and styles, your glasses will have a short life span and will be uncomfortable to wear. For people who need to wear glasses often, this can be a hassle. In this article, we will share how people with high prescriptions should choose their glasses.

Do not choose oversize frames

People with high prescriptions will have thick lenses. The prismatic effect at the edge of the lens can distort your vision. If the difference between the left and right eye prescription is too significant will also cause weight imbalance. So try to choose glasses with small frames to reduce the area of the lenses.

Choose light metal for your glasses

People with high prescriptions must choose their glasses as light as possible and choose strong materials. As the lenses are heavier, the frame is best to choose titanium material to make wearing more comfortable. Titanium is the lightest and less deformable choice in eyeglass frames.

Choose thin lenses

If your eye SPH is more than 5.00, you must choose lenses with an index of at least 1.67. If the prescription is higher, then you need 1.74 lenses. Thin lenses can reduce the prismatic effect of glasses and make the field of vision clearer. And it reduces weight. See our previous blog on this topic for a tutorial on choosing the proper index.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope the points mentioned above will help you. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

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How to make glasses last longer?

Have you ever encountered this situation? When a pair of glasses is worn for a long time, the frames will become crooked and distorted. Eyeglass wearers need to have some basic knowledge of eyeglass care. I hope this will help you.

1. When taking off and putting on the frame, you must use both hands; and when placing the glasses, do not put the lenses in direct contact with the table. It is better to put the glasses in the glasses case.

Shop Magician Case

2. If you need to fold your glasses, you need to be careful that your glasses are folded from the left leg first and then the right. Most of the glasses are gently folded from the left side first. If you fold from the right side first, the frame becomes unbalanced and skewed, making your glasses uncomfortable to wear.

3. If the screw is loose, please use a screwdriver to tighten it in time, or the lens will easily fall on the ground and break.

4. We have to take different maintenance measures for different materials of frame glasses. Metal glasses should be regularly wiped off the oil. The metal is easy to corrosion discoloration. The plate or plastic frame glasses must not be placed in the sun for a long time and can not be soaked with hot water. This will cause deformation of the eyeglass frames, which are easy to break.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope the points mentioned above will help you. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

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3 factors determine whether you should wear glasses for a long time

Core Tip: More and more people are nearsighted, and many people do not like to wear glasses, especially in the wintertime. Nearsighted people do not necessarily have to wear glasses. But if the degree of myopia is high, or if the eyes have astigmatism, etc., it is necessary to wear glasses.

  In everyday life, you will often see people wearing glasses, and among them will be many very young children. Usually, some people think that it’s better not to wear glasses as long as they don’t read. So. For these questions, let’s analyze them in detail.

 People with high myopia need to wear glasses all the time.

Everyone has a different degree of myopia. If you see things blurred, you should check your vision. If you have an SPH value of 3.00 or more after the check, it is advisable to wear your glasses. It is convenient for life and work and effective in avoiding prescription deepening. For people with less than 3.00, there is no need to wear your eyes all the time if it does not affect your ability to see. Just wear them when you need to wear them.

People with astigmatism need to wear them for a long time.

Nowadays, people often face electronic screens for long periods, making it easy to get astigmatism. If you do not wear glasses for correction, it will aggravate astigmatism and make seeing things blurry.

Pay attention to whether your prescription is getting worse.

If your original prescription is not very strong, the prescription has deepened because you have not been wearing glasses. Then, in this case, we recommend wearing glasses all the time. It may be that your eye habits tend to strain your vision.

 I wonder if you have a specific understanding of this issue after reading the above content? If you have any other questions about eyeglasses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How to stop your glasses from slipping for good?

Anyone who wears glasses regularly knows that glasses slipping off can be very irritating. It is a fundamental problem that can be solved, though. Please keep on reading.

You need to choose the correct frame size

There are three reference values for eyeglass size, the width of the nose bridge, the width of the lenses and the length of the temples. The one that has the most influence on the slippage of the glasses is the length of the temples. The temples are straight lines at the front and a curve at the back. The glasses will slide forward and down if the temples are too long. The right length can ensure that the glasses are fixed on the face and do not move easily. You can adjust the length of the temples by adjusting the degree of bending of the temples yourself.

Chose your frames according to the bridge of your nose

People with a low nose bridge must choose glasses with nose pads. People with low noses can not keep the lenses at the right height. People with oily skin need to clean the nosepiece frequently to make it more non-slip.

Shop nose pads glasses
Get lighter glasses and lenses

Glasses that are too heavy can make them slip easily. SLLAC has an ultralight glasses collection from which you can choose frames that are less than 14g. If you have a strong prescription, choose thin lenses. The thicker the lenses are, the heavier they will also be.

Shop light wight glasses

If you have any other questions about eyeglasses shopping, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
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What index is the most affordable and practical choice for you?

Do you feel headaches with so many choices of the index? Are more expensive and thinner lenses better for you?

The following is probably the most comprehensive guide you can find, and I hope this article will assist you.

Pick index according to prescription.

Most lens suppliers have index values of 1.56, 1.61, 1.67, and 1.74. If you find that some suppliers have values of 1.50, 1.57, etc., these are similar in thickness to 1.56.

Those with astigmatism between +2 and -2 can refer to the following values.

If your SPH is between -3 and +3, you can choose the 1.56 index. For SPH between -5 and +5, you can choose 1.61 or a similar value. For -7 to +7, it is recommended to select 1.67. For -10 to +10, it is recommended to choose 1.74. Choose a much higher index than the appropriate one with the same prescription. The thickness will not change as much as you think. For example, if your SPH is between -3 and +3 and the appropriate index is 1.56, a thinner lens would be 1.61.

The above is only for low astigmatism. If your astigmatism CYL is higher than 2, you must choose a higher index value.

We do not recommend choosing a lower index than the proper index. You will find yourself with thick and heavy lenses, which will bring a bad wearing experience. For example, if your SPH is -4 and the appropriate index is 1.61, choosing 1.56 is inappropriate. Don’t choose an unsuitable index just because of cheapness. It will make your glasses impossible to wear when you receive them.

Consider index selection based on eyewear habits.

The above is a case of choosing an index based on prescription only. The following case also needs to be taken into consideration.

Usually, people who need prescription glasses will have 2 or more pairs of glasses that they need to wear simultaneously, so you will need to consider the index of the other glasses when buying new glasses. Or if you only have one pair of glasses but want to buy new glasses, you need to consider the index of the glasses you are replacing. Because for the same prescription, different indexes will look and feel different. If it is 1.56 and 1.67, the visual difference is significant in this kind of index difference. If your prescription has not changed and you want to change to a new style of glasses, we recommend that you continue with the index you have previously purchased. You can refer to the previous paragraph on choosing an index based on your prescription. We recommend that you do not select a lens with an index less than the appropriate value.

If your eyeglass prescription has changed significantly, our advice is to try to choose the index according to the prescription. The right index will give you lenses of the right thickness and weight, but it will also be the best for your vision. If you have significant changes in prescription, we recommend replacing all the glasses and lenses you wear simultaneously. For example, if you need a pair of clear lens glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses, your change in prescription has crossed the fit index. We recommend that you can repurchase both glasses. For example, your prescription changed from -2.5 to -4.5. It is best to replace

 both with lenses with an index larger than or equal to 1.61.

Consider index selection from the style of the frame.

Of course, the prescription is the leading reference standard, and wearing habits need to be considered. However, the choice of index is slightly different for each frame. If you choose a frame with a standard or thick frame, and the lenses are not very large, you can select the index according to your prescription only. In particular, if you are nearsighted and choose a very large frame, you may need a higher index, at least one notch higher than the index of your prescription. Because myopic glasses are concave lenses, which will get wider the farther from the centre, the lens edges will be thick for larger-sized frames. But if you are far-sighted, that is, if you have a positive SPH, you can disregard this matter because the edges of the convex lenses will be thinner than the centre point.

If you choose a frame with thin edges, it’s best to choose one that fits the prescription index or one notch higher.

After all, if you still can’t figure out how to choose an index, you can choose to consult your doctor. Our customer service will recommend the most suitable index lens type according to your prescription and frame style. Please get in touch with us at our email [email protected] Welcome to SLLAC.COM.